• Synopsis of The Leadership Muse

    Leadership is an art, declares Linda Cureton in The Leadership Muse.  It’s difficult to define what makes a leader good, true and beautiful. But, just like great art, we know a great leader when we meet one. In her book, a rich chronicle of encounters with a host of great leaders, Mrs. Cureton teaches us how to recognize the extraordinary artistry of leadership (and the great leaders) in our lives, in our every day dealings, and in ourselves.

    Translating ancient wisdom into 21st century insight, Mrs. Cureton invokes and introduces us to the Muse of Leadership, who moves through the inspired lives and actions of the best, and perhaps most unsuspecting, leaders. From Pythagoras to Star Trek, from Odysseus to her grandmother to the unassuming hummingbird to contemporary superheroes, from Mrs. Cureton illustrates the Muse’s far-reaching existence and power. And in her accounts of how the Muse has appeared to her, Mrs. Cureton teaches us how to meet the Muse in our own journey and become leaders  capable of heroic feats of wisdom, grace and courage.

    Mrs. Cureton’s message is hard to deny: our world needs leaders who are capable and willing to listen to the messages the Leadership Muse sends through history, legacy, everyday moments and ordinary people.

    The Leadership Muse is brilliant testimony to how inspiration can visit and, with grand effect produce a pantheon of 21st century leaders to rival the heroes and legends of times past. Through her stories and ‘musings,’ Mrs. Cureton shines a light into the world, encouraging us all to find that Muse, who will bless our moments, days, and lives with the inspiration we need to create the epic narratives that will enlighten the generations to come.